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'Avanosovietic' Vowels

Writing systems: the utmost monstrosity of alphabets and 'orthographies' :!: November 29, 2014

canIPA Natural Phonetics – Downloadable PDF files

General Handbooks



Other Languages

Other PDFs

Natural Phonetics & Tonetics (A Handbook of Phonetics)

A Handbook of Pronunciation

Fonetica e tonetica naturali (Manuale di fonetica)

Avviamento alla fonetica

English PronunciationS

  • Contents (of the new 3rd edition) – June 3, 2013

The following chapters are excerpted from earlier editions:

Manuale di pronuncia italiana

La buona pronuncia italiana del terzo millennio

Dizionario di pronuncia italiana

Italian intonation

Pronunce straniere dell’italiano


Mandarin Chinese

Dutch & Afrikaans

  • Afrikaans & Afrikaans-Dutch (an excerpt from the initial draft of what was published in 2013 as Dutch & Afrikaans Pronunciation & Accents) – December, 2012



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