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'Avanosovietic' Vowels

Writing systems: the utmost monstrosity of alphabets and 'orthographies' :!: November 29, 2014

canIPA Natural Phonetics – Downloadable PDF files

Download here the PDF version of some chapters and/or paragraphs of my books. The paragraphs are marked with §; all other files are whole chapters.

General Handbooks



Other Languages

A Note of Thanks to all those who approached «Natural Phonetics & Tonetics» (in Italian, English, and French)

On fait de la phonétique avec les oreilles, pas avec les yeux! Le cas des voyelles nasales du français. (Phonetics Should Be Done With Our Ears, Not Our Eyes [in French]) – June, 2007

Trasparenza e opacità fonica: per una comparazione fra lingue romanze (Phonic Transparency and Opacity: For a Comparison Between Romance Languages) An intervention by Luciano Canepari at the day of study on Orality and Mutual Understandability Between Romance Languages – Researches and Teaching Implications – Venice University, December 7th, 2006)

‘Avanesov-ietic’ vowels – Some remarks on the notation of Russian vowels according to Avanesov — April 2, 2013

Beware of the Web! – September, 2011

Photos on the Web – September, 2011

Natural Phonetics & Tonetics (A Handbook of Phonetics)

A Handbook of Pronunciation

Fonetica e tonetica naturali (Manuale di fonetica)

Avviamento alla fonetica

English PronunciationS

  • Contents (of the new 3rd edition) – June 3, 2013

The following chapters are excerpted from earlier editions:

Manuale di pronuncia italiana

La buona pronuncia italiana del terzo millennio

Dizionario di pronuncia italiana

The DiPI will be reprinted as an updated edition for a new publisher (but, probably, not before two years: Aracne). Therefore, here are (downloadable and printable) these new pdf’s, which include emendations and additions. Anyway, in 2009, Zanichelli publishers issued a new paperback edition, for 12 euros, on the occasion of their 150th anniversary.

Italian intonation

Pronunce straniere dell’italiano


Mandarin Chinese

Dutch & Afrikaans

  • Afrikaans & Afrikaans-Dutch (from a work in progress that should be entitled Dutch PronunciationS – with Afrikaans & Afrikaans-Dutch – DPS) – December, 2012



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