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As a pianist, my preferred repertoire for concert programs is focused on three particular periods in history of music:

  1. Operatic Transcriptions for piano solo
  2. Music from the Italian futurism period + contemporary music based on ideas connected to Futurism
  3. Piano compositions by Spanish Composers
In detail:
  1. During the XIX century (and beginning of XX century) a great number of melodies from the Italian Operas were transcribed for the piano. This included pieces from Rossini's Barbiere di Siviglia, Verdi's Rigoletto, Bellini's Norma, and many others. Numerous composers have attempted to convey this music to the piano: a few have survived (the likes of Liszt, Thalberg and Raff); but the majority have been completely forgotten. This program aims in provided a wide outlook on this art form, which in its day spread word wide to give households an authentic flavour of Italian Opera. A program tentative can be found here.

  2. My main musical research topic is the integration of man and machine through Artificial Intelligence. Inspired by this, I enjoy performing futuristic, neo-futuristic and Artificial-Intelligent related music. Futurism is a very well known artistic movement that spread throughout Italy at the beginning of the XX century, and championed ideas associated with the modern world - progress, industrialization, speed - and saw the removal of Opera and Vocal Chamber music from the musical scene. Composers from Futurismo campaigned against the vocal compositions of Francesco Paolo Tosti, the most eminent Vocal Chamber Music composer of that period, and who, incidentally, comes from my home town. My interest derives from the fact that I am academic researcher in Artificial Intelligence - there are plenty of compositional problems which can be solved only by means of using  Artificial Intelligence techniques, and I show some morceaux in which these problems are investigated and solved. A tentative program can be found here.

  3. This program is an homage to the Spanish composers Albeniz, Granados and De Falla, which brought to international attention Spanish music and sensibility, in which a national style was developed and fostered. Due to the historical and cultural relationships between Spain and Italy over the centuries, I feel a genuine kinship to this repertoire.

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