Roberto Casarin 

  • Dept. of Economics 
  • University Ca' Foscari of Venice 
  • San Giobbe 873/b 
  • 30121 Venezia, Italy 
  • Office: Room A125  
  • Phone: +39  
  • Fax:     +39  
  • E-mail: 

I am currently Full Professor of Econometrics at University Ca' Foscari of Venice. I was previously associate and assistant professor at University Ca' Foscari, University of Brescia, and research fellow at GRETA Associates. I received a Ph.D. in Mathematics, from University Paris Dauphine, a Ph.D. in Economics from University Ca' Foscari of Venice, and a M.Sc. in Applied Mathematics from ENSAE-University Paris Dauphine. I have been visiting University Paris Sud, University of Bristol and University Paris Dauphine. I am researching in: time series analysis, dynamic panel, latent variable modelling, Bayesian analysis, Monte Carlo methods.

Other my affiliations are: VERA, IMEF, SSE, and GRETA. I am member of the following scientific societies:  ISBA, IMS, ES, SIS, SIdE and of the following projects:  EABCN, ENBIS, SYRTO, Systemic Risk Hub, Performance Measures, SCSCF.


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