Admission 2010 - 2011

    The School offers two doctoral programs: Economics (DEC) and Business Management (DEA). They cooperate and share most activities.

    There are 5 three-year fellowships available for DEC and another 4 for DEA.

    Classes start in September 2010. Most first-year classes are common across the two programs.

    The general application procedure is similar for the two programs.
    Please make sure you carefully read the relevant information for the program you wish to apply for: DEA or DEC.

    Separate applications are required for either program. Simultaneous applications to more than one program are possible.

    An application must abide by the statute of their respective "Bando" (Official Advert) as published on the Gazzetta Ufficiale della Repubblica Italiana. The official version of each Bando is available from the website of the Ca' Foscari University of Venice following the path Offerta Formativa -> Dottorati di Ricerca -> Scuola Superiore di Economia - SSE. (With a bit of luck, this dynamic link should get you there in one click.) Links to the necessary documents are in the box on the right-hand column.(SCARICA).The first two are in italian the bottom two are in English. You can also download a copy of each Bando using the links posted in the admission page of the program you wish to apply for.

    Brief Guidelines on how to apply - CALL FOR APPLICATIONS A:Y 2010/2011
    These are guidelines to assist you in making your application to the SSE Doctorate programs 2010 and should be considered as informal information and are in no way legally binding:

1-  Read official announcement carefully
2 – Download attachment A and, where neccessary, attachment B (Students with non-italian qualifications)
3 – Read all attachments carefully
4. Application process:
two stages:
a) online registration,print and sign according to official announcement use this link if you need to compile the form in English.

b)  Ensure you have the obligatory documents to include with the application ;
Photocopy of ID
Documents specified in attachment A
- where necessary: (original foreign qualifications without legal translation) fill out attachment B
5 – You should put your application and all attachments in an envelope and put the following phrase on the envelope:
Application for admission to Research Doctoral schools 26th cycle – AY 2010/2011
Research doctorate in.... [please indicate the doctoral course]

6 –Deadline: Ensure that your application arrives by and not after 27th of April 2010 at 12.30.   Applications arriving after this time will not be accepted.
You can hand deliver your application to Servizio Immatricolazione e Accoglienza Studenti, Ca’ Foscari University of Venice, Dorsoduro 3246, 30123 Venice (1st floor), during opening times to the public: Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday, from 9.30am to 12.30pm; Wednesday also from 2.30pm to 4.30pm
you can send it via express/registered mail (with note of receipt) or by private courier to Università Ca’ Foscari, Ufficio Protocollo Informatico, Dorsoduro 3246, 30123 Venezia, arriving no later than Tuesday April 27 2010 at 12.30pm. It must arrive by this time, applications arriving after this time cannot be accepted.

Obligatory attachments to the application form according to Attachment A:
Statement of purpose written in English language -The candidate should describe his/her professional goals and research interests, as well as providing any information useful to evaluate him/her (but not implied by the other attached documents) (no more than 15.000 characters)

  • Curriculum Vitae
  • Degree Certificate –or equivalent qualification: Grade/marks of degree, title of the dissertation and a dissertation abstract of no more than 30.000 characters.
  • At least two letters of recommendation from university professors or scientific researchers (one letter has to attest the candidate’s adequate knowledge of English language)
  • Foreign academic qualifications: if you have foreign academic qualifications you are required to attach the following:

§ attachment “B” - compiled in full
§ the degree certificate listing the exams, in Italian or in English or translated into Italian or into English.
§ any further document useful to evaluate the validity of the academic qualification/title attained to apply for the call (Diploma Supplement, Europass Curriculum Vitae, a “statement of value” that is an official degree declaration approved, translated, and legalized by a diplomatic presentation of the country where the degree was obtained, etc).

Please note:
*Candidates with a foreign academic qualification will be admitted to the examinations under reservation. Therefore, if they qualify for admission as winners, they will have to submit the documents as stated in the official announcement. Art. 10, paragraph 4 upon enrolment.

*Candidates who have not yet obtained their degree can apply according to rules stated in the official announcement, provided that they obtain their degree before the first meeting of the Evaluation Committee (14th of May 2010). Within that deadline, the above mentioned candidates are required to communicate the degree date and the final mark and to present the Degree certificate or, as an alternative, a self-statement per fax (Fax number: 0039 041 234 7547) or via email to .

    .OTHER QUALIFICATIONS/ DOCUMENTS  to include with your application – not obligatory
    • Curriculum studii (w.marks)
    • Publications consistent with the Doctoral program aims, including working papers
    • Masters and other advanced courses
    • Research experiences with university or research institutions
    • Prizes, grants
    • Score in GRE, GMAT, TOEFL or similar standard tests

    N.B. You can not apply via email
    All applications must be sent to address stated above
    Al documentation must be in English (preferred) or in Italian