DEA: Application 2009 -2010

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Information for DEA applicants

The "call for applications" for the Doctoral Program in Economia Aziendale (Business) 2009/2010 has been published. Applicants are recommended to submit all information useful to evaluate their attitude to research in management areas. The deadline for submitting applications is 23rd of June 2009 at 12.30.

The Statement of Purpose should help to clarify a candidate’s motivations and provide an illustration of his/her capability to formulate research questions.  A typical Statement of Purpose should make explicit why the candidate is interested in the PhD program, and contain a short research project. The project is not committing the candidate to it during his doctoral studies, but is only illustrative of his maturity, capabilities  and basic attitudes to research.

Publications, working papers and short essays that may illustrate research interests and skills of the candidate should be submitted. Participation to research projects should be detailed, specifying the research coordinator, the role of the candidate, and the timing of the activity

If the candidate has successfully performed standard tests such as GRE, GMAT or similar, their score should be submitted as well. Tests documenting his/her competence with English language (and other languages) can be attached.