DEA Organization

    The Ph.D. program in Business (DEA) is devoted to advanced education in all fields of management research. It is interdisciplinary in character, and emphasizes solid methodological foundations and innovative research. The legal minimum duration is 3 years. There are up to 8 new student positions each year, with 4 of them covered by a three-years grant.

    All courses are held in English. Foreign students are encouraged to apply. About 70% of the first year courses are common between the programs in Economics and Business, creating a common ground for all students. After attending this first set of common courses, students specialize in their respective fields.

    Teaching is intensive in the first year and a half, with approximately 400 hours of classroom in the first year and 100 hours in the first term of the second year. Since their second year, students are involved in research projects with the Department of Management and Business Studies at the Ca' Foscari University of Venezia. After completing the courses, all students are expected to spend 6 months to a full year abroad in a major International University (during this stay their financial support is increased).

    The PhD program looks for students with an interest in research which is both rigorous and relevant for the world of business practice. We expect students to have good attitudes to formal reasoning and strong intuition for empirically relevant research questions. Admission is based on the evaluation of the candidate's CV, presentation letters, and a short research essay. All documentation must be submitted in English language.