The permanent faculty in the Department of Economics has active research interests in the following areas: applied economics, behavioral economics, coalitions and networks, decision theory, economics of information, environmental economics, experimental economics, financial econometrics, game theory, general economic equilibrium, household behavior, informational asymmetries, labour economics, trading mechanisms.
    As far as the Department of Business is concerned, the permanent faculty has active research interests in the following areas: banking and finance, corporate and competitive strategy, information systems, innovation management, management accounting, marketing, operations research, organization behavior, organization theory and design, supply chain management, sustainability management.

    The School runs three seminar series. The first two series follow a standard 1h30' format and are run by the Department of Economics and by the Department of Business, respectively. Until recent years, a third series was organised by PhD students and was called: WISE (Wednesday Informal Seminar in Economics). See Seminar Series page upcoming and past seminars.