Conferences and workshops

Some conferences and workshops I have recently orgamized

Categorization and interactive decision making
Venezia, June 25-26 2008

C. Camerer on “categories in the brain”
S. Mullainathan and J. Schwartzstein on “thinking through categories in decision  making”
P. Jehiel on  “analogy and equilibria in games”
M. Warglien on “the plasticity of categories and concepts”
B. Gibbons on “how (coarse) meanings diverge and are negotiated  in organizations”
S. Chassang and M. Cohen on what triggers  routines
V. Loreto  on tagging

List of Participants:
Colin Camerer (Caltech),  Sylvain Chassang (Princeton), Michael D. Cohen (U. Michigan, Ann Arbor), Anna Comacchio (Ca’ Foscari), Massimo Egidi (LUISS), Giovanni Gavetti (HBS), Bob Gibbons (MIT), Philippe Jehiel (Paris and UCL), Marco Licalzi (Ca’ Foscari),  Vittorio Loreto (Sapienza, Rome), Davide Marchiori  (Univ. of Trento), Sendhil Mullainathan (Harvard), Eldar Shafir (Princeton), Joshua Schwartzstein (Harvard), Massimo Warglien (Ca’ Foscari), Enrico Zaninotto (Univ. of Trento)

Seeing it. The strategy space: Vision, maps and tools in action.
(M.Warglien and M.Jacobides, organizers)
Venezia, October 3-4, 2008

Don Hoffman (UC Irvine, Cog. Science)  The interface theory of perception: an introduction
Peter Gardenfors (Lund, Cog. Science) The geometry of thought: conceptual spaces, categories,  conceptual  change
Michael D. Cohen (U.Michigan, School of Information) Representing Action
Massimo Warglien  (Ca’ Foscari, Adv. School of Econ.)  Spaces, force, and the visual language of strategy
Dan Levinthal (Wharton)  Thinking by surfaces: Landscape  theory revisited
Michael Jacobides (London Business School): Introduction
Joe Porac (NYU, Stern): How managers think and decide: Cognition, categories, and vision
Joseph Lampel (Cass Business School): The evolution of  representations of concepts in strategy
Trish Clifford (McKinsey): Using strategy tools.

Vision, Categories and Representations in Strategy
A panel of the Sumantra Goshal Strategy Conference, London Business School, may 2009
(M.Warglien and M.Jacobides, organizers)
Massimo Warglien (Venice), Joe  Porac (NYU), Sarah Kaplan(Wharton) and Trish Clifford (McKinsey)

The Power of Representations: From Visualization, Maps and Categories to Dynamic Tools
(M.  Jacobides and M. Warglien, organizers)
Montreal, Academy of Management Meeting,  August 6th, 2010

Giovanni Gavetti (Havard Business School): Representations and Strategy: Three Observations
Joe Porac (Stern School of Business, New York University): Interorganizational Search Through a Disease Taxonomy:  The Case of West Nile Virus
Massimo Warglien (Ca Foscari University, Venezia): Seeing, Thinking and Deciding: Some Research Questions on Strategy and Vision
Freek Vermeulen   (London Business School): Visual Representations of Organizational Architecture
Michael  G. Jacobides (London Business School):  Representations and Strategy Prescription: Abstractions of Space, Abstractions of Action
Gabriel Szulanski   (Insead, Singapore): Representing  the strategy process
Trish Clifford (McKinsey & Co): Representations by Managers and Consultants

Mapping Change, Changing Mappings: Conceptual Shifts in Strategy
(Organizing committee:
Carlo Bagnoli, Anna Comacchio, Massimo Warglien, University Ca’ Foscari, Venezia
Giovanni Gavetti, Harvard Business School, Michael Jacobides, London Business School)

Mapping Strategies: Cognitive foundations
    Giovanni Gavetti, Harvard Business School  
    Joe Porac, New York University
    Massimo Warglien UniversitÓ Ca’ Foscari, Venezia
    Michael Jacobides  London Business School
Mapping Strategies in Practice
    Richard Whittington, University of Oxford
    Joe Lampel, City University London
    Paul Nakagaki, Roche Partnering
Wrapping up
    Sidney Winter, University of Pennsylvania